We are a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) based in Dallas, TX.  We provide an alternative investment strategy for both Main St. Investors and High Net Worth individuals.  


We run a long/short equity strategy called The MAP Pattern Trading Program (MAP stands for Market Analytics Program).  The program trades a basket of securities according to our propietary trading system.  The goal of the strategy is to profit in both up and down markets with limited volatility.  Our objective is for volatility to not exceed the volatility of the S&P 500 index on a monthly timeframe.  The system has historically performed well when securities are rising or falling but can fail to provide positive returns when securities trade sideways for an extended period of time.  

Our proprietary trading system was developed over 8 years of relentless research and testing.  We started trading the latest iteration of the system midway though 2015.  The strategy is nearly 100% mechanical with very little subjective input regarding trading decisions. 

The following are basic facts about the trading strategy:

  • Trades approximately 60 different securities of which the majority are components of the S&P 500.  We trade a handful of precious metal mining stocks and some alternative energy names for the purpose of diversification.  

  • We limit leverage to 125% of the account value in either direction.  

  • The strategy is nearly 100% mechanical with very little subjectively factoring into trading decisions.    

We allow for two different fee structures.  A flat 2.0% of AUM or a performance fee.  The performance fee is only permitted for accredited investors according to SEC guidelines.  Any one client will only participate in one fee structure.

All of our accounts are managed according to the following guidelines:

  • Custody in Seperately Managed Accounts:  All client assets are held in individual accounts owned and in the name of the client.  There is no commingling of assets for our investment strategies.
  • Transparency:  All account activity is transparent to the client 24/7/365.  Trade confirms are sent to the client on a daily basis while the firm sends strategy updates on a monthly basis.
  • Fee-only structure:  Our firms only compensation is fees paid by the client.  All fees are calcuated by our custodian Interactive Brokers, LLC and deducted and paid on a pro-rated daily basis.  No advisory fees are charged in advance.  The client may terminate the fee agreement with the custodian at any time.  The firm does not recieve any hard or soft dollar compensation from the custodian.
  • Holding period:  We do not impose any sort of holding or lock-up period on our accounts.  The client if free to liquidate his or her account at any time by providing us instructions or contacting the custodian, Interactive Brokers, directly.
  • Operational efficiency:  By only providing two strategies, using similar algorithms for both, and obtaining discretionary authority over our client's accounts for effecient trading, our operations are streamlined in such as a way as to remained focused on execution and research. 

If you would like to discuss either of our strategies, you can contact our office at 214 | 954 4300.