We are a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) based in Dallas, TX.  We provide an alternative investment strategy for both Main St. Investors and High Net Worth individuals.  

About us

McCracken & Company (MAC) is a fee-only Investment Advisory firm registered with the Texas State Securities Board.  We were formally registered as a Commodity Trading Advisor with the National Futures Association (NFA) and Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) but resigned on March 9, 2016.  We are located in Dallas, TX.  (Approval by the State of Texas Securities Board and the National Futures Association is not an endorsement of the firm.) 

Firm Mission:  To provide positive returns in all market environments within a reasonable amount of risk.  

Firm name: The name of our firm, McCracken & Company, was largely chosen  because of the acronym (MAC).  Matt's grandfather, Ellis, and father, Tom Sr., were always called "Mac" or "Coach Mac".  The paternal figures in Matt's life taught him how to think critically and question conventional wisdom.  (His grandfather once called a QB sneak 11 times in a row in a football game.  The team scored two touchdowns in the process.)  They also taught him virtues such as honesty, courage, hard-work and personal responsibility.  The firm is called MAC to honor these men.

Firm Founder:  Our firm was founded by Matthew McCracken and is registered in his name.  Ever since taking Finance 402: Options Pricing in college, Matt became suspicious of the hypocrisy in the financial services industry.  The class's professor taught the ideology of "effecient markets" yet he was concurrently running an arbitrage fund.  Obviously, the two philosophies are in exact contradiction to one another so Matt concluded that the professor was either lying to the class (who were paying a very steep tuition to attend) or to his clients.  

After college, Matt worked at Arthur Andersen LLP, where he saw first-hand the blatant conflicts of interest that led to the firm's downfall - and he promptly quit the firm.  Eventually, the naitivity of youth gave way to the harsh reality of the business world.  Once Matt entered in the financial services industry, he committed to building a better means of accessing capital markets for investors.  This involved minimizing conflicts while delivering solutions that Main St. Investors could rely on to build wealth and financial security.  Ultimately, he wants to help his clients achieve the goal his father and grandfather did which was to provide a better living for their children.  As time has progressed, Matt learned how money is really made on Wall Street and seeks to deliver it to investors of all classes.   He has learned about the art of long/short investing while developing his own proprietary trading program.  This program is currentely available to both high net worth investors subject to a performance fee and to Main St. investors subject to a flat fee.  

Location:  We are located in the heart of Dallas, TX just up from Uptown and just west of East Dallas.  

Phone:  214 | 954 4300