Election: Who got it right?

Jim Rogers, famed investor
November 9, 2016 by Matt McCracken

Not many people, including myself, expected the upset last night.  One guy did.  And he seems to always get these things right some how.  I have followed several elections in both the US and Europe and everytime he takes the opposite view of the polls, he seems to get it right.  I googled him two days ago to get his take and sure enough, he called for a Trump victory.  

The guy is Jim Rogers, famed investor, financial author, world traveler and father of 2.  

Here is a link to an article appearing in The Economic Times where they interview Rogers a day before the election:


What else does Rogers say in the article...

Short US equity markets, crude and gold.  I don't understand the latter two because he says trade wars will take place if Trump is elected and I would think trade wars would increase the price of both black and shiny gold.  But he understands these things better than me.

He also says to short junk bonds.  (For full disclosure, we are short a junk bond ETF in our primary strategy and have some puts against JNK in our other strategy).  

On the buy side, he says to buy "agriculture trades".  I am assuming he means buy ag futures like corn, soybeans and milk, but he could also be suggesting buying ag stocks as well.  Rogers historically has been a believer in futures but I don't know exactly what his thoughts are currently.    

He also adds that his calls are "for the next five years".  He is not an active trader rather a long-term value investor.  So none of these plays may play out immediately but I'd rather invest alongside of Rogers than against him.