Image of Kaight, our AI trained financial planner
June 28, 2024 by Matt McCracken
For those seeking financial planning advice, here is a massively helpful tool. is a newly released AI-trained financial planning tool. I have found that she can be very helpful, especially when dealing with issues of a sensitive nature...Read more
Couple paying bills
May 30, 2024 by Matt McCracken
(Disclaimer - I am not a CPA, I do not provide tax advice, consult with your tax professional. The following is for informational purposes only and is insufficient for the purpose of making any sort of financial decision.) As I understand it,...Read more
gold bars
April 17, 2024 by Matt McCracken
Gold has been on a tear recently climbing nearly $350 or about 15% since the beginning of March. What makes this move so shocking is that is in the face of a much stronger US dollar index and rising interest rates. Before we take a deeper dive, here...Read more
Gold bars
March 5, 2024 by Matt McCracken
I just have to pose the question, what is the world is going on with the stock price of precious metal miners? Gold just closed at an all-time and, more importantly, it just completed the confirmation of a bullish “Head and Shoulders Pattern” and...Read more
July 14, 2023 by Matt McCracken
The news is reporting that orange production this year will come in at its lowest levels since 1937. Weather and climate change are blamed for the acute shortage this year as two nasty freezes hit Florida crops this past winter. The bigger issue...Read more
March 16, 2023 by Matt McCracken
He who loves money will not be satisfied with money... - Ecclesiastes 5:10 - (For full disclosure, our long/short strategy is currently short USB and LNC. We may increase or decrease these positions or positions correlated to these two securities at...Read more
Company logo
January 3, 2023 by Matt McCracken
Performance Report: 12/31/2022 By continuing on this page, you agree to the disclosure statements on our disclosure page which can be viewed by clicking here . All performance data for our strategies is net of all fees and expenses. All performance...Read more
December 21, 2022 by Matt McCracken
I'm flipping through our Horseshoe Bay paper and I come across a fluff piece written by the local Edward Jones broker titled, "COLA is sweet for Social Security recipients." later in the day, I'm on Linkedin and one of my financial advisor peers...Read more
Nuclear reactors
December 16, 2022 by Matt McCracken
Disclosure: We are currently long CCJ and looking to buy other securities in the Uranium space. This article is not a solicitation or recommendation to buy any security and does not provide sufficient support for an investor to make a decision on...Read more
Bitcoin coin
November 9, 2022 by Matt McCracken
Yesterday, bitcoin fell below a strong support level established over the last several months of trading. And today, it continued to fall below support and close well below it. Thus Bitcoin has now confirmed a bearish move in price. Market...Read more