Our Custodian

Our advisory firm has an operating agreement with Interactive Brokers, LLC (IB).  We deliberately chose to work with this firm after extensive due diligence (See Disclosure Statement at the bottom of this webpage).  IB offers our clients the following advantanges.

  • Access:  Complete access to all electronically traded markets worldwide.
  • Fees and Expenses:  IB's commission and fee structure is among the lowest of all the institutional brokerage firms.
  • Execution: IB's trading execution is in the top-tier of all online brokers.
  • Financial Stability:  During the 2008 Financial Crisis, IB actually received an upgrade from various rating agencies due to their sound financial status. 
  • Limited conflicts of interest:  Perhaps it is impossible to eliminate all conflicts of interest in the brokerage world but IB seemingly has the fewest of any of the institutional platforms that we researched.  Additionally, they are able to allocate shares in real time thus making it an impossibility to free-ride client accounts.
  • Ownership:  IB has a very unique ownership structure.  They are publicy traded but the founder and their employees maintain ownership of over 85% of the company stock, so they are just as invested in their firm's stability as we are as customers.   

Since we made the executive decision in 2009 to work with Interactive Brokers, LLC  based on our extensive research, they have received numerous awards and recognitions by the brokerage industry.  Click here for IB's Award's Page.

Disclosure Statements regarding Recommended Brokers:

Our advisory firm does not receive any sort of compensation, either hard or soft dollar, for recommending a broker.  Our recommendations are based on extensive due diligence including factors such as financial security, expenses including commissions and fees, user-experience, access to markets and trade execution.  We do have an operating agreement with Interactive Brokers, LLC which allows us to effectively and efficiently execute our strategies with accounts held at each respective firm.  The MAC is not responsible for any loss that may be incurred by acts of their recommended broker.