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July 8, 2007 by Matt McCracken
Index Investing is a strategy that consists of investing in passively-managed mutual funds and/or ETFs that are designed to mimic a particular index (i.e. S&P 500, NASDAQ 100, Russell 2000). Typically, index fund advisors use one of three fund...Read more
July 7, 2007 by Matt McCracken
There are a large number of American financial advisors who are deeply committed to the idea that MPT is one of the greatest financial innovations in investing since the creation of the equity markets themselves. I refer to these Index fund advisors...Read more
July 6, 2007 by Matt McCracken
While I believe that index investing has its merits, I do not believe that it is the only means of getting your investment compass to point true north. Advisors who buy into MPT fail to acknowledge the many issues with indexing – so allow me to...Read more
September 5, 2006 by Matt McCracken
Market inflection points (tops and bottoms) are characterized by extreme irrationality on the part of investors. At The MAC, we track several indicators that measure how “irrational” the market is being. In June, these indicators turned decidedly...Read more
July 8, 2006 by Matt McCracken
Not too long ago, I met with a prospective client who was considering investing a rather sizable chunk of his retirement into an equity indexed annuity. I wrote the following summary for him and I thought I'd share with others who might be...Read more
September 25, 2005 by Matt McCracken
On September 14, 2005, 4 years and 3 days following 9/11 attacks, Delta Air Lines (DAL) entered into the equivalent of corporate jail and became wardens of the state/courts. Hopefully they will be granted parole soon. It was a very sad day in our...Read more
September 21, 2005 by Matt McCracken
From a financial advisor’s perspective, the bankruptcy of DAL is just another ding in the armor of the American economy. Airline bankruptcy is certainly nothing new. Don’t we go threw this every couple of decades. When my dad joined Delta; Pan Am,...Read more