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Wheat field
May 16, 2022 by Matt McCracken
Disclosure: We currently own DBA, WEAT, and various wheat futures contracts (ZW and YW) in our client accounts. On the news out of India that they will severely curb wheat exports, prices for wheat on the futures exchanges went "limit up" again...Read more
Woman thinking "Eff this"!
May 9, 2022 by Matt McCracken
There is blood in the streets in capital markets the world over. Bitcoin is down over 20% in less than one week. Long-term US Treasuries are now firmly entrenched in bear market territory. The stock market saw an incredible reversal last week after...Read more
$100 bills
May 4, 2022 by Matt McCracken
Today, the FED raised the overnight borrowing rate by 0.50%, the biggest one-time hike in rates in over 20 years. Conventional wisdom and Economic textbooks tell us that higher rates should lead to stronger demand for a nation's national debt while...Read more
A Sling & A Stone logo
April 30, 2022 by Matt McCracken
Performance Report: 04/30/2022 By continuing on this page, you agree to the disclosure statements on our disclosure page which can be viewed by clicking here . All performance data for our strategies is net of all fees and expenses. All performance...Read more
Money growing from coin jars
April 29, 2022 by Matt McCracken
As interest rates are going up, the question many investors are asking is, "How much will my bond holdings, or my bond-oriented mutual fund, depreciate?" As a general rule, for every 1% increase in interest rates, a bond will depreciate its duration...Read more
Morningstar logo
April 26, 2022 by Matt McCracken
I haven't gone to Morningstar (MS) in quite some time as I rarely use mutual funds or ETFs, but the other day, I wanted to look up a fund and for whatever reason, I punched in SPY. SPY is the largest ETF tracking the S&P 500 Index. And to my...Read more
Flag of Saudi Arabia
April 25, 2022 by Matt McCracken
For some time, I have warned about the geopolitical risks coming out of Russia, and, unfortunately, my warnings had considerable merit. Here are a couple of posts I have written on the subject: Russia and the Election Russia takes big steps in...Read more
Goldman sachs logo
April 14, 2022 by Matt McCracken
Goldman Sachs (GS) beat earnings expectations this morning by a wide margin. The credit is being given to their trading desks as their Investment Banking revenue dropped over 30%. An article appearing on states: Goldman Sachs had been one...Read more
Russian Flag
March 31, 2022 by Matt McCracken
According to the Russian propagandist site,, Russia is set to require payments for oil in Rubles from any country that participated in sanctions against them. Further, it is reported that Russia and India have agreed to conduct transactions...Read more